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We recognize that a sustaining positive employee relation is integral to the smooth running of any business, and that the successful management of workplace relationships is a key component of the hr portfolio.With a wealth of experience, Banyan Management Support Services (P) Ltd., offers a range of services that go beyond standard relationship management practice, providing bespoke solutions that best suit your business and organizational culture. These services include:

Compliance Audit

A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines. Compliance audit is a process through which legal compliance status in particular organization…Read more…

Payroll Processing

Generally speaking, payroll is done weekly, fortnightly or monthly. However, in India, payroll is mostly processed once a month. In many other countries, payroll is processed weekly….Read more…


Staffing is primarily outsourcing of Manpower on project completion basis or a skill requirement basis for a specified period of time. Staffing may be desired when there is a …Read more…

HR Outsourcing

HR is something that every organisation needs. This is a function of strategy, age, size and other aspects of an organisation’s business. We bring-in our years of HR experience to design and build robust HR systems …Read more…


HRD involves training and developing the employees and managers. It improves their qualities, qualifications and skills. It makes them more efficient in their present jobs. It also prepares them for future higher jobs….Read more….

HR Audit

A Human Resources Audit is a comprehensive method (or means) to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function…. Read more…

Latest amendments in Labour Laws / Labour Law updates in India

Labour Laws in India are not amended or updated very frequently, still Government is looking into the laws and is identifying the clauses which need great attention and need to be amended as per prevailing conditions. Many professionals and students often search and ask for the latest amendments and updates on Labour Laws in India. Click here for some changes made in Labour Laws

User Manual for the PF Monthly E-Return Software (EPFO – E – SEWA PORTAL)

EPFO Launches online receipt of Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) from the Month of April 2012 (March paid in April). Employers are requested to Register their establishments and create their user id and password through this portal. The registered employers can upload the Electronic Return and the uploaded return data will be displayed through a digitally signed copy in PDF format. It will be available for printing also. Read more….

Rates of Minimum Wages in India (All States)

There is a separate minimum wage legislation in India. Minimum Wages Act, 1948 is an Act to provide for fixing minimum rates of wages in certain employments and it extends to the whole of India.There exists more than one minimum wages in India. As per Section 2 of the Act and Section27, 28 it is mentioned that State as well as Centre has the power to form Minimum Wage rates….Read more….

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